About us

Our company was founded in 1991. Dreams and determination have created a family company, which entered the Polish market step by step. The beginnings were not easy, but the key to success was the word ,,family”. Thanks to the family atmosphere we have created a unique company, in which our customers trust.

Since 2009, we own a headquarters of the XXI century. The expectations of our customers is a priority, the fulfillment of which is for us the most important goal. Every day we try to fulfill given promises and – what is extremely important for us – to promote the highest quality meats and sausages as well as maintain the highest possible level of service.

Our company employs a few dozen people and our dynamic team opens up to the current needs of our clients. Persons employed by us are characterized by extensive experience and high personal culture. With honesty and commitment of our employees, the company has evolved to big distribution company.

We have our own cold storage and transport, which allows us to operate at the highest European standards. Speed and reliability are priority for us.

Every day we make sure that orders are delivered on time and, that our customers feel they are part of our family. We promote meat products of the highest quality, because we value the trust of our customers.

We always concentrate on providing customers with satisfaction and cost effectiveness. Quality combined with the accumulated experience enable us to respond to the customers’ needs, through the ever-growing range of products and the modernization of our headquarters.

Our long-term efforts were rewarded, seven-time by „GAZELE BIZNESU„, the prestigious FORBES DIAMONDS and many times with Certificate of Business Credibility.

Our motto:
„The highest quality products and professional service on time is invaluable customer satisfaction”



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